We promote good sportsmanship, cooperation and integrity, fun games and battles. Nerf War sessions are awesome, fun and most importantly safe. At the start of the event all participants go through a safety briefing where the rules are explained. Trained, DBS checked marshalls are continually present in the room to ensure adherence to the rules, as well as promoting competitive play.

We perform regular risk assessments of the venues we travel to, and check our inventory to make sure all of our guns/darts conform to manufacturers safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Minimum Age?

Our recommended minimum age is 4 years. Younger children tend to be unable to prime our smallest blasters.

2. Can we bring our own food and refreshments?

Yes, definitely.

3. Is there a dress code?

No, simply comfortable clothing for running in. We require all participants to wear safety glasses at all times that we provide.

4. Do you have public liability?

Yes, bear in mind that NERF is a contact sport and sometimes the Darts may sting a little, but actual injuries are extremely rare. We are covered to £1m liability.

5. Do you provide invitations?

We can provide packs of 25 invitations at cost price. They are £5 per pack, and are generic NERF branded.

6. What locations do you travel to?

We cover the whole of the North East of England, and charge just a £20 long distance travel fee if over 15 miles from Gateshead.

7. Can parents join in?

Yes, the last game of the session involves the parents - the children get especially excited about shooting Mum and Dad !

8. What games do you play in the NERF session?

The NERF session will typically start with 10-15 minutes of free play, so that the children can familiarise themselves with the blasters and also the arena. Then we get into Marshal led competitive team games such as 'Last Team Standing', 'Capture The Flag', 'Attack The Base' and the FortNite games of Solos, Duos and Squads.

9. Can I decorate the party room at Dunston Activity Centre?

Yes, you can decorate with banners, balloons, cakes etc. We will provide tables and tablecloths and can provide some bunting if required. Please note that that you will be able to access the party room a minimum of 15 minutes before the end of the NERF battle, and often much earlier if the room is not in use beforehand. We have temporary secure storage of items that you are also welcome to use. Note that the centre sells tea/coffee and crisps/chocolate.

10. What do you need at my own chosen location?

If we are coming to your location then we need access to an electrical socket to inflate our tank and bunkers. We would recommend that the hall is at least 2 badminton courts wide in size. We will need access to the hall 15 minutes before the start of the session and 15 minutes afterwards for set down.

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